COVID Dashboards in Workday®

COVID Command Center Dashboard

This dashboard can be used as an auditing tool or simply as a helpful piece of information for a company to better understand how COVID-19 is impacting the time off trends of its employees.

The configuration of the dashboard is very flexible and can be easily customized for each company depending on their needs. Reports can be created to track specific aspects of COVID-19 related absences based on what a company most cares about. Pre-existing reports can also be added to a custom dashboard to see how COVID-19 has affected normal time off tendencies. In this example, the dashboard leverages both pre-existing reports and newly created reports to demonstrate the pandemic’s impact on a company’s time off trends.

Unique Reports Featured on this Dashboard

Work From Home Time Off Reported Paired with a Work From Home Time Off, this report tracks who is working from home and how many hours they have spent working from home

Number of Workers on COVID Leave Tracks the number of employees (and which employees) are currently on related leave

Workers on COVID Leave + Leave Liability Tracks the amount of money that has been lost due to related leaves

COVID-19 Time Off Trending Report Tracks time off taken for related time offs over a certain period of time

Enabling Functionality for Workday Mobile

Workday’s mobile functionality in relation to absence and time is extremely useful to track worked time and sick time in an uncertain, flexible work environment. Mobile Time Tracking allows employees to check in and out from designated locations outside of the office, enabling you to continue your normal processes in relation to non-exempt workers. The Mobile Time Off functionality also allows workers to enter time such as sick time anywhere they have an internet connection. This helps businesses ensure their workers can take time off exactly when needed, while still gathering effective and sufficient information surrounding these requests. Moreover, the Mobile Time Off functionality allows employees to upload documents via their mobile device while requesting time off.

COVID Dashboards v01

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