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It’s Okay if This is Your First Rodeo

Your team may not speak Workday® yet
– luckily, we do.

Our team has experienced every side of a Workday implementation – as HR professionals, Workday Customers, and Implementation Vendors. We can advise on the decisions you’ll need to make today that will impact your Workday experience tomorrow.

Translating HR Experience into Workday Logic

Ever walk into a meeting where everyone is speaking in jargon you don’t understand? We’ll accompany your team to meetings, participate in discovery sessions, and ensure that you are supported every step of the way.

Our team specializes in break-fixes within Production Tenants – so we know what pitfalls to avoid when building out new systems.

Turn Doing into Understanding

Workday training and testing can be a blur – often resulting in a frenzy to check tasks off the list, at any cost. Many teams get lost in the stress of balancing these tasks with their daily responsibilities.

We help your team throughout the testing process by shedding light on testing scenarios, expected outcomes, and how to avoid negative downstream impacts.

Go-Live with the Tenant Your Team Imagined

Your company has invested a lot into this platform. We work with all stakeholders to help your organization get the Workday tenant they signed up for.

Many customers reach Go-Live unsure if their tenant truly meets their business needs. We partner with you throughout the implementation to ensure your original goals don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Implementation Timeline

The best time to engage with us was yesterday. The second-best time is today.
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Whether you’re still working on your customer contract or nearing Go-Live, you can engage us at any time to enhance your implementation experience.

Because Commit has such a deep and thorough understanding of both Workday and the implementation process, they were able to pair that with their problem solving skills to come up with solutions specific to our business process.

HR Administrator – Corporate Law
Los Angeles, CA – US

Let’s Get Started

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What happens after Go-Live?

The majority of Workday customers find that they still need help after Go-Live. From ad-hoc support to roadmapping projects, we can continue engaging as your Application Management Support Partner.

AMS is a natural continuation of our partnership and expert Workday support.

Need a deeper level of engagement?

If your team requires help completing workbooks, testing, or adjusting configuration, we can find the right Workday Expert to add to your roster.

We can provide both part-time and full-time resources to help get your implementation across the finish line.

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