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Workday® Support

Application Management Support (AMS)

A flexible approach to your ongoing Workday support needs. Our AMS team can help implement new functionality, create new integrations, optimize your system, and much more.

Platform Optimization

We’re passionate about being proactive. We perform comprehensive health audits and work with you to create a roadmap that leads to platform excellence, including staying on top of Workday Releases and other new features.

New Module / Phase X

Many companies reach Go-Live with the intent of adding Workday modules in the future. If now is the time, our team can help. We build the desired features within the new implementation, as well as optimize touchpoints to your existing modules.

Staff Augmentation

Need a Workday Expert, fast? Commit can provide a dedicated resource to join your team. Whether you need to quickly backfill a position, or temporarily hire someone with experience in a particular functional area, we’ve got you covered.

Client Advocacy

Our team has experienced every side of an implementation – as HR professionals, Workday Customers, and Implementation Vendors. We can advise on the decisions you’ll need to make today that will impact your Workday experience tomorrow.

HR Modernization

Technology Strategy, Evaluation & Selection

At Commit, we are passionate advocates of transformation. We firmly believe that workforce technology should enhance productivity rather than hinder it. We recognize that employees desire seamless, personal experiences in their professional lives, similar to what they have outside of work.

Our mission is to guide organizations beyond mere technology implementation and towards the effective deployment of digital capabilities. By doing so, we aim to revolutionize the way the world operates.

Target Interaction & Operating Model

In the end, it is your people that generate value for your company. We focus on optimizing your HR organization to unleash the full potential of your talented individuals. Our comprehensive analysis aims to identify possibilities for improving the delivery of your organization, redefining job functions and roles, enhancing staffing practices, and determining the most effective location strategy.

Our designs are based on the interactions of the HR Customers which are aligned to the prioritization of services. This design then informs the roles, functions and sizing of the organizational structure.

Process Design

Too often processes are viewed as transactional opposed to an employee experience. They are built around the technology rather than a comprehensive end-to-end design that extends beyond the technology. We lead you in designing best practice processes that focus on the user with the intended outcome in mind to be efficient, engaging and rewarding.

Commit has you covered whether your company needs help with Talent processes like Career Pathing and Performance Management or broader support areas like Onboarding.

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