Process Design

How can we help you design and deliver best in class processes?

Too often processes are viewed as transactional opposed to an employee experience.  They are built around the technology rather than a comprehensive end-to-end design that extends beyond the technology.  We lead you in designing best practice processes that focus on the user with the intended outcome in mind to be efficient, engaging and rewarding. 

Commit has you covered whether your company needs help with Talent processes like Career Pathing and Performance Management or broader support areas like Onboarding.

Persona Based Design

​We believe in standardization but “one size fits all” doesn’t always work.  It is important to understand the unique needs of your personas.  Perhaps you have unions, strong segmentation of hourly and salary workforces or various geography and business unit differences.  Commit makes your HRIS system work for you and processes that are efficient, engaging and rewarding.

Content and Level 5 Design

Out of the box processes are not always intuitive.  To increase user adoption of the end-user Commit compliments process with content such as knowledge articles, quick reference guides (QRGs) and frequently asked questions (FAQs).  We also elevate the effectiveness of the HR delivery team by taking process design a step further with Level 5 process map with include work instructions.  To net impact to higher adoption of self-service and increase employee satisfaction.

End-to-End Design

The part of the process which is the system transaction is only part of the story but that is where process design often stops.  Commit takes it a few steps further and looks at the up and downstream activities to the system for critical processes like Onboarding and Performance Management.  This allows us to identify the critical moments that matter.  End-to-end design is often the difference between good and great.   

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