New Module / Phase X Implementation

Take the Next Step on Your Workday® Journey

As your organization evolves – so should your tenant.

Many companies reach Go-Live with the intent of adding Workday modules in the future, but many teams lack the time, resources, or experience it takes to implement new functional areas internally.

That’s where we step in.

Why Commit?

Some Workday customers are surprised to learn they don’t have to use their Implementation Partner to launch a new Workday module or Phase X project.

Our team is comprised of Implementers from every Workday module. We have also spent years maintaining modules in Post-Production, so we understand the steps required on the front-end to build a successful implementation for the long run.

Our Process

Each implementation will be driven by a Project Manager and Workday Architect who develop a detailed roadmap. We cover the desired features within the new implementation, as well as touchpoints to your existing modules.

01 Discovery

02 Design

03 Configuration

04 Testing

05 Deployment

06 Post Production

timeline 02a

Common New Modules to Implement

  • Recruiting
  • Advanced Comp
  • Learning
  • Talent & Performance
  • Absence & Time Tracking
  • People Experience

Platform Optimization

Before starting a New Module or Phase X project, it’s imperative to ensure your tenant is in working order. After all, there is no sense to building something new on top of a bad foundation.

Whether you recently went live or have been in Workday for many years, an optimization will help fix common errors in addition to adopting Workday’s latest feature updates.

Learn More > Platform Optimization

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On-Demand Support for your Existing Modules

Our team is well-versed in both building new modules as well as ongoing post-production support. For ad-hoc support, or help with bigger projects, learn more about how we engage as your AMS Partner.

The Tools You Need, Built by Experts You Know

Add more arrows to your quiver. Our Dashboards, Reports, and Custom Solutions will help your team save time and leverage the valuable data stored within your Workday tenant.

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