Workday® Skills Cloud – What Is It?

Workday® Skills Cloud – What is it, and what’s at stake if you don’t opt in?


Skills Cloud is Workday’s answer to what was previously a very manual and maintenance-heavy process of capturing worker skills data within your tenant. It is meant to tame the Wild West of crowdsourced skills running rampant and muddying up selectable skills available to workers and candidates.

Skills Cloud

Opting into Skills Cloud gives you access to a remote database of over 50,000 skills that Workday maintains and updates regularly. Ever-growing, this library covers what are considered universal skills that would be relevant across Workday clients, while also retaining access to Maintained Skills and Crowdsourced Skills that may be proprietary or new and not yet available within Skills Cloud.

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While many of these features are still in the works and preceded by Safe Harbor statements, the potential is enormous.
And the first step is to subscribe to Innovation Services to utilize Skills Cloud.


Skills Cloud already has quite a few existing touchpoints between Talent & Performance, Learning, and Recruiting modules:

Workday Talent Chart

Talent & Performance:

  • Skills Cloud skills can be utilized on Job Profiles, Positions, and Career Profiles.
  • If you opt-in to suggested skills, Skills Cloud machine learning backbone will pull from a worker’s Job History, Public Anytime Feedback, and existing skill selections to make recommendations on skills they might possess.


  • You are able to place Skills Cloud skills on External Career Sites, Job Applications, Job Requisitions, Prospects, Recruiting Agency Candidates, and Referrals. This supports better candidate targeting and experience.


  • Skills can be used on Learning courses to indicate those taught within the course and  provide skills verification after course completion.

The conversation now has begun to shift from “How can Skills Cloud help my current state?” to “What will I miss out on if I do not have Skills Cloud?”

Teased upcoming releases such as Career Hub and Talent Marketplace are intent on utilizing the backbone of Machine Learning and AI within the Skills Cloud “Suggested Skills” feature to automatically match workers with the most relevant job postings, features, gigs, and learning course work. It is this automatic matching feature that will further drive employees into their Workday tenant to chart a career path and seek out skills to continue development on that path.

In short, Skills Cloud is the gatekeeper for what is to come in Workday’s Talent Evolution.

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