How to Email Receipts to Workday Expenses

Email Receipts to Workday Expenses

As a part of the 2023 R2 release, Workday now allows you to email receipts with or without attachment to Workday Expenses.


  • Your receipt will be turned into a quick expense assigned to the correct expense payee.
  • Quick expense will include amount, currency, date, and merchant.
  • This addition helps streamline the expense creation and submission processes.

What do you need to do?

  • Opt In to the Email Ingestion Innovation Service
  • Confirm your tenant can receive attachments
  • Create Email Ingestion Receiving Domain
  • Update your DNS Host with the required CNAMEs and MX values
  • Verify Email ingestion Domain
  • Users that can maintain depreciation profiles can now maintain and change rate schedules for assets

Self-Service Email

  • Verify that the email that will be used to send receipts is associated on the worker’s profile
  • Worker’s personal and work email can be used
  • You forward an email or attach receipts
  • Expenses should be automatically generated in Expenses Hub

What has changed?

  • Previously, users would need to upload attached receipts or take a photo within the Workday app in order to load in receipts for quick expenses. Workday can now be enabled for users to email their receipts to a Workday domain to have a quick expense created which helps streamline the expense reporting process.

New Tasks

  • A delegate can email expense receipts on behalf of someone else
  • When emailing the receipt, add the Expense Payee’s email address under CC

Additional Considerations

  • Creating a New Email Sub-Domain (IT Task):
  • If unable to verify your Email Ingestion Receiving domain, then confirm that the changes to your DNS host are completed successfully.
  • One subdomain and domain can be configured per Notification type.
  • IT needs to set up a new email sub-domain to use this feature (Example:
  • An existing sub-domain already used for email purposes cannot be used.
  • More than one subdomain should be created for testing in different tenants at the same time. A subdomain can only point to one tenant.
  • The receiving domain cannot be an existing website.
  • Generating a Quick Expense:
  • Receipts can be sent as attachments or in the email body. If both are sent in the same email, only the attached receipt is created.
  • Attachment file types supported are JPEG, JPG, PNG, WEBP, BMP, PDF, TIFF, TIF, GIF.
  • Minimum size limits to file types:
  • PDF does not have a minimum size limit
  • PNG or TIFF files > 40 KB
  • All other files > 20 KB
  • Avoid multiple forwards in the same email body.
  • Notifications are generated to sender if there are any errors in creating quick expense (Example: File is too small, delegate is not valid).
  • Use Edit My Expense Transactions task to delete quick expenses.
  • Inbound Email Ingestions by Date Range report to troubleshoot email ingestion issues.
expense ingestion 01
expense ingestion 02

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