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We’re proud to present our top highlights for the Workday 2023 R2 release!

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Ad Hoc Bank Transaction Security

New Domains Associated with Ad Hoc Bank Transactions

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: By utilizing these new domains, customers can set up granular access to tasks/reports associated with ad hoc bank transactions.

New Security Domains

  • Workday delivered new domains associated for ad hoc bank transactions
  • These new domains enable customers to secure ad hoc bank transaction tasks and reports to individual subdomains
fins ad hoc bank transaction security

Custom Depreciation Rate Schedules

New Tasks and Reports for Depreciation Rate Schedules

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: For business assets that have unique depreciation requirements, customers can utilize rate schedules to define their depreciation schedules.

  • Through rate schedules, customers can customize what percentage to depreciate based on period ranges
  • Customers can also change rate schedules on business assets as they reassess the assets’ amortization/depreciation
  • New Tasks
  • Adjust Asset
  • Create Rate Schedule
  • Delete Rate Schedule
  • Edit Rate Schedule
fins depreciation rate schedules

Record Revaluation Journals

Sourcing Book Code(s) and Target Book Code for Revaluation

Availability: Automatically Available

Why this is important: For customers with multiple target reporting books, customers are able to use different rules for revaluation.

  • Source Book Code and Target Book Code are enabled for revaluation rules
  • One more multiple book code(s) can be selected under Source Book Code
fins record revaluation journals

Strategic Sourcing Domain Name Change

Name Change from ScountRFP to WorkdaySpend

Availability: Automatically Available
Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: Customers will need to review allowlists, email servers, firewalls, etc. to make sure their strategic sourcing process does not get influenced by the domain name change.

  • Strategic Sourcing customers will experience domain name changes from ScoutRFP.com web addresses to WorkdaySpend.com addresses
  • This change will facilitate the new EMEA and Canadian regional strategic sourcing deployments
  • The following items will need to be updated:
  • Allowlists
  • Email servers
  • Firewalls


Notification Designer

Templates for Business Processes

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: This provides the option to enable consistent email branding across all custom business process notifications. Previously this functionality was only available on the Hire, Onboarding, and Change Job BPs.

  • Workday expands support for the use of notification templates when sending custom notifications for ALL business processes.
  • Opt in to the Notification Designer in Innovation Services
  • Ensure that the Drive and Notification Designer security domains are enabled
  • Create notification template, set notification category, add to override setting on BP notifications 
hcm notification designer 01
hcm notification designer 02
hcm notification designer 03

HR Partner Hub

One stop shop for workforce movement needs

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: The HR Partner Hub is a one stop shop for everything workforce movement. Having reports, dashboards, and access to events in one place will allow HR Partners to work more efficiently in maintaining the organizations they manage.

  • HR Partner Hub provides workforce movement information, reports, and dashboards relevant to the organizations they manage
  • Review incoming and outgoing workers, change job events
  • Quickly access these events and perform actions waiting in inbox
  • Filters show employee movement over any given time period or by movement type
hcm hr partner hub 01
hcm hr partner hub 02
  • Metrics at a Glance and Dashboards offer more insight
  • Metrics at a Glance shows movement 3 months out
  • Open Job Requisitions
  • Dashboard for headcount movement
  • Can be overridden to use custom dashboard
hcm hr partner hub 03
hcm hr partner hub 04

Change Job Improvements

Users can drag & drop attachments during the job change process

Availability: Automatically Available

Why this is important: This update will provide more consistency in user experience where users are more accustomed to attaching documents at the bottom of most business processes. This feature is automatically available if you have users configured on the Staffing Actions: Attachments domain.

  • Drag & drop capabilities for attachments on the Job Change business process
  • Reduce busy navigation to employee’s records to initiate the Job Change process
  • Attachments used to be included as a section on the job change template, but will now show up on the bottom of the summary page similar to other business processes
hcm change job 01
hcm change job 02

Configurable Change Job Defaulting

Apply default values on the job change process in real time as changes are made

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: If there are hard and fast rules that your company adheres to for job changes, this will be a great enhancement to consider. When applied correctly, rules can be configured to evaluate proposed changes during the job change process that can then default subsequent fields. This will reduce manual entry as well as reduce entry errors during the job change process.

  • Auto-populate fields during the Change Job process 
  • Utilize condition rules to apply default values for fields such as Employee type, Job Profile, location, position and scheduled weekly hours
  • Reduce manual effort and reduce entry errors
  • As you navigate through the job change process, WD can now evaluate condition rules to default subsequent field
  • IE: A worker moving to a part time position in Boston, the work shift will always be “Night Shift”
  • Recruiting Defaults not impacted
  • This enhancement will not impact any default rules and values setup if the job change is initiated from recruiting
hcm config change job 01
hcm config change job 02

Change Job Templates New User Experience

New user interface when initiating via “Start Job Change”

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: The job change process continues to be one of WD’s primary focus areas of enhancement. With this update and the utilization of job change templates, the job change process has flexibility to become much more intuitive and less prone to data entry errors or information overload. This enhancement, specifically, makes starting a job change much simpler with a newer layout and experience.

  • Simplified interface for configured job change templates
  • If enabled, the Start Job Change business process will have a new, cleaner interface that is much more intuitive for end-users 
  • Only relevant information will be displayed depending on the setup on the job change template
  • Enhanced initiation for workers with multiple positions
  • The job prompt will only display if the worker has multiple positions
  • Worker Details new display
  • A new side panel displays the worker’s current information, however, once an effective date is selected, the worker’s information will be displayed as of the entered effective date
hcm change job template 01
hcm change job template 02

Field Level Configuration for Change Job Templates

Hide specific fields for Administrative & Location Details sections

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: The job change process continues to become a simpler and more intuitive experience for end-users. This enhancement furthers capabilities to hide individual fields in sections that previously did not have options.

  • Further simplified job change process
  • Hide individual fields on the location details and administrative sections
  • More control over the fields presented to end users to reduce manual entry errors and information overload
hcm field level config 01

Search Job Change Templates

Use global search to Start Job Changes with job change templates

Availability: Automatically Available

Why this is important: This new feature will make it easier to search and find change job tasks in the global search. You will now also be able to just search for a job change template on mobile and initiate job changes by template.


  • Global Search to initiate job changes
  • Reduce busy navigation to employee’s records to initiate the Job Change process
  • Mobile Adoption
  • The search/initiation of job changes is now enabled and automatically available for mobile and desktop
hcm search job change 01
hcm search job change 02

Launch Change Job Templates From Dashboards

Add Job Change Templates to dashboards

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: Making job changes more easily available and more intuitive has been a huge focus for WD with the past few releases as well as this release. Not only can you now execute the Start Job Change process directly off cards on the worker profile, you can execute via the search bar, and with this release, you can start the process directly from dashboards.

  • More easily launch the Start Job Change business process
  • By enabling the Start Job Change worklet on the My Team Management Dashboard or other custom dashboards, you can now more easily find and launch the process
  • Job Change Templates can also be enabled as cards on the worker profile so there are now multiple ways to find, access, and execute job changes via search, on the worker profile, or via dashboards
hcm launch change job 01
hcm launch change job 02


Sell Time Off

Allow workers to sell their time off within defined configuration rules

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: Formalize the process of selling time off based on your company’s specific criteria.

  • What does selling time off do?
  • Reduces plan balances when employees “sell” their time off
  • Configuration
  • Create schedule(s) for selling time off
  • Create the Sell Time Off business process and business process security
abs create schedule for selling time off
abs edit time off
abs sell options

Time Tracking

Prevent Check-In Before Scheduled Time

Avoid erroneous time entry & reduce liability

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: This is a particularly useful feature for customers with significant hourly/shift populations that have issues with clocking-in patterns. This will prevent any falsified or unwanted time entries for checking in, which can reduce timecard fraud, liability risks, and overall labor costs.

This update allows us to define thresholds that prevent early check-ins

  • This threshold can go up to 120 minutes before the scheduled check-in
  • Can be defined for both desktop and mobile check ins
  • This also prevents employees from clocking back in after their shift ends

Customers can use Workday Scheduling in tandem with Multiple Jobs to restrict check-ins to specific positions 

  • Note: only applies to workers with in/out time entry methods enabled
tt prevent check in

Attendance Management

Create attendance alerts & encourage timely check-ins

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: This will help employers to track if workers are habitually checking in late for their shifts. Customers can then utilize a convenient points system to give clarity to auditors on departments/organizations that are points of concern with attendance & timeliness. This should prove to be helpful for tracking workforce & giving managers the tools needed to help augment their teams’ performance.

Building off the Time Attendance feature, Workday introduces a points system to track working patterns for workers checking in

  • You can tally points based on how late a worker checks in for their scheduled shift
  • These points can be totaled and audited; from here, you can report on workforce trends and take corrective actions if desired
  • These points can be valid for defined periods of time and can expire after a year for instance

To accomplish this tracking, Workday is delivering a few new reports:

  • Time Attendance Points for Workers
  • Time Attendance Entry Records for Workers
  • Justify Time Attendance Status for Worker
  • Mass Justify Time Attendance Status
tt attendance mgmt


Custom Enrollment Validations

Configure custom warnings & errors during enrollment events

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: This is a long-awaited feature!

While many business processes in Workday have validation functionality, the benefits enrollment process in general lacked this, meaning that trying to build custom conditions to stop/warn users was never possible. Many workarounds had to be taken as a result. This feature should finally deliver functionality to enforce common benefit enrollment rules that are in place in many organizations’ policies.

  • Use Custom Validations to build organization-specific rules that give employees warnings or errors when they try submitting enrollment events
  • Reduces the need to “Send Back” benefit enrollments to employees
ben custom enrollment 01
  • Maintain Custom Validations
  • Set up new rules to use on Maintain Custom Validations, taking advantage of new report fields
ben custom enrollment 02
  • New Report Fields available (some of these should spark ideas for use cases):
  • Any Attachments on the Benefit Event
  • Changed Dependents on Coverage Type
  • Dependent Added to Coverage Type
  • Enrollment Offering Type
  • Waived Benefit Coverage Type
  • Changed Benefit Plan Selection
  • Increased Insurance Coverage
  • Changed Benefit Coverage Level or Target
  • Changed Contribution Percent or Amount
  • Enrollment Event for Enrollment Offering
  • Custom Validations can achieve some of the same outcomes as cross plan rules
  • A good way to think of this update is as a way to (finally) configure validations for the Change Benefits for Life Event and Change Benefits for Open Enrollment business processes

Dependent Verification

Managing Dependent Documents & Status

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: Workday releases functionality to assist Benefit Administrators in verifying dependent status. This allows administrators to track verification status, utilize these new fields in condition and eligibility rules, and report on verification status.

  • To utilize this feature, the following domains must be enabled:
  • Self-Service: Dependent Verification
  • Worker Data: Dependent Verification
  • Use the Configure Optional Fields task to hide any of the dependent verification fields you don’t want to use. Configure options for:
  • View Dependent
  • Dependent Event
ben dependent verification 01
  • Once domains are enabled, the Dependent Verification fields will be found on the Dependent record
  • Fields can be used in eligibility & condition rules
  • For example, you can configure a To Do step with a Change Benefits for Life Event BP to route to an employee requesting documentation based on current status in Workday
  • Documents can be loaded directly into Workday
ben dependent verification 02
  • You may also make bulk updates to dependent verification status
  • Search the task Manage Dependent Verification Status
  • Please note: If you search by Benefit Group and/or Benefit Event Types, you will lose the ability to search by worker
ben dependent verification 03
  • You will be able to take mass actions to Approve, Deny or place the status in Pending
  • Dependent verification may also be loaded via the Edit Dependent EIB
ben dependent verification 04

Benefits Partner Enrollment & Hub Communication

External Benefit Partners Hub Card Management

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: External Benefits Partners, such as a carrier or insurance broker, have the ability to import content that is displayed in cards within the Benefits & Pay Hub, Benefit Plan Selection, My Tasks and/or Election Confirmations. This will help benefit administrators deliver critical benefit information to workers for enrollment events, campaigns or other important information.

  • The following steps will need to be taken to enable access for Benefit Program Partners:
  • Configure security for benefits program partners which includes creating an ISU, adding the account to new or existing integrations security groups, which must be unconstrained, configured the Manage: Benefit Program Software Partner domain security policy and activate pending security policy changes
  • Enable to benefits program partner in the Create/Edit Benefit Provider task
  • Provide an endpoint URL to the benefit program partner
  • Configure the program card visibility with the Maintain Benefits Partner Program task
  • Impacted Technical Changes
  • Maintain Benefits Partner Program (task)
  • Create Benefit Provider (task)
  • Manage: Benefit Program Software Partner (security domain)
  • Benefits Partner Program Integrations (Web Services)
  • Benefit Administrators can configure the cards, including:
  • Display Order
  • Which Benefit Group(s) can see the cards
  • Applicable Benefit Coverage Types
  • Applicable Benefit Plans
  • Benefit Card Location
  • Benefit Administrators can preview cards for accuracy prior to cards being published 
ben partner enrollment 01
ben partner enrollment 03
  • Cards can be displayed in the following locations:
  • Benefits & Pay Hub
  • My Task
  • Benefit Plan Selection
  • Submit Elections Confirmation
ben partner enrollment 04a
ben partner enrollment 04b
ben partner enrollment 05


Mobile Payment Elections

Expanding access to the existing payment election task

Availability: Automatically Available

Why this is important: With this enhancement, Workday enables employees to enter and edit payment election details from their mobile devices for both new hires and workers with pre-existing payment elections

First-Time Setup / Onboarding Workers

  • Onboarding BP Step(s)
  • Add Payment Elections
  • Manage Payment Elections
  • If configured, the user will be able to access the inbox item from a mobile device and see the same required and optional fields
  • If the tenant has multiple payment election rules sharing the Direct Deposit payment type, the account entered will be attached to all payment election rules
  • Pressing Submit completes the initiation step of the business process

Updates for Workers with Pre-Existing Payment Elections

  • Mostly Similar Display and Behavior as Desktop
  • Add button underneath the Accounts list
  • Required and Optional fields for new accounts
  • Split elections evaluate from top to bottom
  • Percentages must add to 100%
  • Balance elections must be ordered last
  • After adding accounts, return to the Payment Elections screen and click the pencil icon for the payment type you wish to update
  • Pressing Submit completes the initiation step of the business process

Read our related article: How to Update Workday Payment Elections


Generate Document for Compensation

Include generated documents in compensation business processes

Availability: Automatically Available
Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: With this update, you can include a generated document as part of most compensation processes. You can now include compensation change letters and promotion letters as part of compensation change events.

  • Create Workday Document
  • As previously possible, you can create a document using the text block functionality or a Workday Doc using Workday Drive
  • Generate Document Step added to compensation processes
  • You can now include a Generate Document step on the following business processes:
  • One Time Payment for Referral
  • Propose Compensation Change/Hire/Offer
  • Request Compensation Change
  • Request Compensation Change for Leave of Absence
  • Request One Time Payment
  • Request One Time Payment Offer/Employee Agreement


Composite Report Freeze First Column

Ability to freeze first column in composite reports

Availability: Automatically Available

Why this is important: As a result of a highly upvoted Brainstorm, report writers can now enable freezing the first column in composite reports. This new feature eliminates the need for creating multiple copies of the same report or exporting to excel to preserve visibility of the first column.

  • Maintain context of rows while scrolling horizontally
  • Allows for multi-column composite reports and increased efficiency in data analysis
rep comp freeze 01
rep comp freeze 02

Composite Report User Interface

New Rows and Prompts Tabs

Availability: Automatically Available

Why this is important: Past UI required report writers to individually edit each row or prompt section which made creating composite reports a time-consuming endeavor. The new rows and prompts tabs and ability to make bulk edits enable faster turn-around times for configuration and maintenance.

  • Rows Tab
  • Edit, duplicate, delete, or move individual or multiple selected rows
  • View and take action on all, lookup data specific, or calculation rows
  • Prompts Tab
  • Review and configure report-level, data, and subreport (not prompted) prompts
rep comp report ui 01
rep comp report ui 02

Scheduled Report Prompt Defaults

Increased control over prompt values within scheduled reports

Availability: Automatically Available

Why this is important: Scheduling Reports is a helpful tool for sharing information, but is viewed as a bit of a “loophole” with regards to report field security.  With this new option to populate default prompt values, we gain more control over the scheduled reports output without having to change the report definition.

  • Populate Default Prompt Values
  • For scheduled reports, Workday now provides a check box to opt for Workday to populate the default prompt values
rep sched report prompt

Talent & Performance

Manager Insights Hub

To support their team’s career growth and development

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: The new Manager Insights Hub empowers Managers with a robust landing page to stay up to date on the career and development of their direct reports. This hub plugs into Workday’s Machine Learning backbone to provide personalized opportunity suggestions intended to improve talent development, internal mobility, and overall engagement.

  • Manager Insights Hub
  • This new hub leverages skills cloud & machine learning to provide career & development updates and suggestions for Managers to better support direct reports
  • Personalized suggestions include connections, mentors, learning, and gigs
  • This new feature requires you to sign the ISA and enable Skills Cloud
tp manager insights

Goals User Experience Redesign

Aesthetic updates to increase clarity & ease of use

Availability: Automatically Available

Why this is important: The Goals UI has gotten a highly-sought-after revamp, making the experience more intuitive. This update aims to reduce clicks & scrolling for end-users, while also injecting clarity into the specific actions (create, edit, view, archive, delete) that can be taken on any goal.

  • Goal Interface Enhancements
  • Goals now leverage the “card” experience we see on the homepage
  • Tabs are leveraged to break-out different “types” of goals (individual, organizational, archived) as well as additional details, milestones, etc. (depending on configured goal sections)
  • Specific actions are broken out (Create Goal, Edit Goal, View Goal) rather than bundled together within “Edit”
tp goals 01
tp goals 02 old

Old User Interface Example

tp goals 03 new

New User Interface Example

Optional Fields for Goals

Hide or Require Optional Fields for Goals

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: Goals are now leveraging the “configure optional fields” functionality that we see in other tenant areas. We continue to be able to hide/ show different goal sections but are now able to require goal sections that will be denoted with an asterisk. This will improve end-user experience as we no longer need to rely on validation rules.

  • Maintain Goal Setup
  • This update introduces the ability to require goal sections for all end-users or for specific security groups – reducing current reliance on validation rules to ensure collection of specific goal information
tp optional 01
tp optional 02 old

Old Goal Setup Interface

tp optional 03 new

New Goal Setup Interface


Email Attachments in Candidate Communications

Recruiters can now add attachments to the “send message” functionality

Availability: Automatically Available

Why this is important: Recruiters will no longer have to send ad-hoc attachments to candidates outside of the system, allowing for easier tracking.

  • With this update, recruiters can now include attachments in emails to candidates when using the send message and invite to apply functionality
  • This will eliminate the need to send documents to candidates outside of the system
  • Intended to help keep everything within Workday, for better recruiter efficiency
rec email attachments

Automatically Decline Candidates on Close of Job Requisition

Workday allows you to decline candidates automatically during the Close Job Requisition BP

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: Prior to this update, when a user closed a job requisition with active candidates, they would need to manually disposition the candidates, causing extra work.

  • With this update, you can now configure the Close Job Requisition, Close Evergreen Requisition, and Mass Close Job Requisition Business Process with a step to automatically disposition remaining candidates
  • Prior to this update, the user would need to manually disposition all candidates on a closed Job Requisition
  • It is recommended to add a new disposition reason that is associated with this process
rec auto decline 01
rec auto decline 02

Update Talent Profile from Internal Job Application

Following an internal application, Workers can replace their Talent Card information with information provided during the application

Availability: Automatically Available

Why this is important: This update will improve efficiency and promote Talent Card adoption for internal employees.

  • Workers that are filling out an internal job application will be provided the option to replace parts of their Talent Card with the information provided within their application
  • This update will make it easier for every for employees to update their Talent Card information
  • Functionality can lead to more internal job applications (ease of use) and more detailed Worker Talent Card information
rec update talent profile


Google Calendar Integration for Learning

Automatically send calendar invites for instructor led training

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: Simplify the learner experience by automatically sending Google Calendar event invites when enrolled in instructor led training. The integration ensures that the most recent offering information is reflected in the meeting details.

  • Enrolled instructor led trainings will sync with learners’ Google Calendar
  • Calendar invites will automatically sync with learners’ calendar for in person and/or virtual classroom trainings
  • The integration will keep calendar event information updated
  • The latest course offering information will automatically sync with calendar events
  • Any changes to training dates, time, locations, etc. will be reflected
  • Cancellations emails are sent to learners when an offering is cancelled and when an enrollment is cancelled or dropped
learn google calendar 01
learn google calendar 02
  • Create message templates to send course specific information to learners via email
  • Separate message templates for:
  • In Person Classroom Training
  • Virtual Classroom Training
  • Cancellations
learn google calendar 03

Waive Learning Assignments

Waive Assignments via Web Service

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: The Waive Learning Assignment BPs and associated web services will make it much easier to waive & manage large volumes of learning assignments. The web service will optimize the waiving process and approval steps can be added to the BP.

  • Utilize the new web services to mass waive large volumes of learning assignments
  • Waive Learning Assignment
  • Bulk Import Waive Learning Assignment
learn wave assignments 01
  • Configure 2 new business processes to support this new feature
  • Ability to waive individual assignments directly from the related actions of the learning assignment record
  • The new BP events allow you to rescind waive activity if necessary
  • Mass Waive Learning Assignment BP
  • Waive Learning Assignment BP
learn wave assignments 02
  • Create & Update waive reasons using the new ‘Maintain Learning Assignment’ task
  • This task replaces the old ‘Create Learning Assignment Waive Reason’ UI task
  • Ability to organize waive reasons using categories and translations
learn wave assignments 03

Enroll in Content Pop-Up Modal

Workday now consolidates the Review & Confirmation screens

Availability: Automatically Available

Why this is important: This feature is a major enhancement to the learner experience by making the course enrollment process way more intuitive.

  • Minimize confusion & clicks when enrolling in learning content
  • The multiple Review and confirmation screens that used to appear after enrolling in a course will now display as a pop-up modal
  • The learner will no longer be redirected to a new page when enrolling in content
learn enroll modal 01
learn enroll modal 02

Drop Learning Enrollment Pop-Up Modal

Workday now consolidates the drop enrollment pop-up screens

Availability: Automatically Available

Why this is important: This feature is a major enhancement for the learner experience by making it more straightforward to drop learning enrollments.

  • Minimize confusion & clicks when dropping learning content
  • You can now drop learning enrollments & review confirmation of the event without leaving the main course view screen.
  • The pop-up modal will prevent the learner from being redirected to a new page when dropping enrollments
learn drop 01
learn drop 02


E-Verify Integration Enhancements

E-Verify has become less manual and easier to report on

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: With this update it will no longer be required to manually send E-Verify Account IDs or manually enter E-Verify URLs, increasing administrative ease and reducing the burden of updating and interacting with E-Verify.

  • Integration Template Updates
  • No longer required to manually send E-Verify Account ID
  • Save E-Verify Account ID for E-Verify Upgrades
  • No longer required to manually enter E-Verify URLs
  • Rename attribute to E-Verify URL with drop down
  • WD Reports and Tasks
  • New E-Verify Account ID field for reports and tasks
  • E-Verify Account Details
  • Maintain E-Verify Account Details
  • View E-Verify Account Details
int everify

Skill Level on Job Profiles

Skill Level Field on Web Services

Availability: Automatically Available

Why this is important: Workday continues to expand upon its existing Skills cloud functionality and bulk placement of skills on job profiles by now enabling skill level placement via EIB.  This functionality builds upon the recent mass action enhancement for placing skills on job profiles.

  • EIB for Skill Level on Job Profiles
  • Workday has added a field within existing EIBs to allow for bulk placement of skill levels on job profiles
  • Web Services
  • Use Put Job Profile to add skill levels to Job Profiles
  • Use Get Job Profile to view skill levels on Job Profiles

Export High-Volume Journal Lines

Financial Journal Lines Outbound Connector

Availability: Set Up Required

Level of Effort

Why this is important: Workday continues to improve how you export high volumes of journal lines with the Financial Journal Lines Outbound Connector. Workday now provides new launch criteria and configuration options on the Aggregation and Summarization Service integration template service, ensuring better summarization of journal line data.

  • New Integration Attribute: Compress Output File
  • Compress Output field is available to compress output files
  • Launch Integration Criteria
  • Workday removes the warning validation to select 8 or less dimensions on the Launch Schedule task
  • One can now select as many dimensions as needed
  • New ‘Worktag to Exclude’ launch parameter field option to exclude journal lines with specific worktags
  • Summary Journal Line Data Integration Field Attributes
  • Workday delivers 95 new integration field attributes that can be configured for additional details on the the Summary Journal Line Data, such as: 
  • Ledger Amount for Natural Debit or Credit
  • Workday IDs
  • Reference IDs

Cloud Connect for Third Party Payroll

Payroll Interface Enhancement

Availability: Automatically Available

Why this is important: Workday improves upon existing Payroll functionality for PECI Integration , WECI and External Payroll Documents.

  • Increased Total Number of Active Employees 
  • Total number of active employees in all organizations increased to 250,000
  • Enables to extract Worker data more efficiently 
  • New event code HIR-C
  • Enables to track/review Hire corrections 
  • Enhanced Compensation Plans Data Section
  • Prorated amounts for Percentage based allowance plans
  • Enables to report amount correctly when worker is not 100% FTE
  • Optimize Performance
  • With V41 API enables boolean to exclude education attachment
  • Transaction Logs – processing improvement on high volume data
  • Purge Options for Workers from External Payroll Documents  
  • Worker’s External Tax Document Attachment and Comment
  • Worker’s External Payroll Document uploaded as “Other” Attachment and Comment
  • Worker’s External Payslip Attachment and Comment
  • Worker’s External Payroll Input Comment

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