New Ways to Waive Learning Assignments in Workday

The 2023 R2 Learning updates focused largely on improving the end user experience. While the most obvious updates are aesthetic in nature, there are some very notable functional enhancements to the Learning Assignments feature.

With new Business Processes & a new Web Service, waiving Learning assignments will be easier than ever.

You’ll be able to easily manage larger volumes of learning assignments, optimize the waiving process, incorporate approval steps, and even utilize the Rescind & Cancel functionality with the business processes.

Waive Larger Volumes of Learning Assignments

You’ve been able to maintain assignments using the Waive Learning Assignment task in the system since the 2020 R1 release.

Although you could ‘mass’ waive assignments for multiple courses and multiple workers at the same time, you were limited to waiving only ~1,200 assignments at once.

Now, web services allow you to waive a much higher volume of learning assignments in a single effort by leverage the Waive Learning Assignment EIB.

image of the new waive learning assignment EIB in workday

New Business Processes to Support Waive Activity

The new business processes, Mass Waive Learning Assignment and Waive Learning Assignment, will streamline your workflow allowing for approvals, reviews, and smoother operations.

For example, if you want to expand permissions allowing Managers to waive learning assignments, you may want to consider adding an approval step for Learning Admins to confirm the waive before the process is complete. You can also grant permissions for Admins to rescind or cancel learning assignment waive events if necessary.

image of the task "View Business Process Definition" in workday

Continue Using the Waive Learning Assignment UI Task as Normal

Don’t worry – you still have the full capability to continue using the same Waive Learning Assignment task that’s been available for years. There’s no loss of previous functionality and there’s minimal additional setup required to utilize the newer enhancements.

The Waive Learning Assignment task continues to display:

  • A table listing eligible and ineligible assignments for waiving, enabling you to easily identify assignments that you need

But the task now also displays:

  • A new related action on learning assignments, enabling you to access the Waive Learning Assignment task
  • Completed learning assignment waive events that can be rescinded on the Manage Learning Assignment Waive task
image of the Waive Learning Assignment task in workday
image of the "mass waive" feature of the Waive Learning Assignment task in workday

Waive Assignments Directly from Your Learning Reports

Tracking training completion reports and adhering to compliance requirements is vital for all Organizations.

Now, you can make the process much easier by using one main report to track learners’ completion accurately and efficiently in Workday. With this update, learning assignment records can be added directly to custom reports allowing you to waive learning assignments from the related action menu of the of the assignment record.

Image of a table in Workday that is displaying sample data for "Learning Assignment Details"

Updated Interface When Maintaining Waive Reasons

2023 R2 introduces a new task, Maintain Learning Assignment Waive Reasons, that replaces the older Create Learning Assignment Waive Reasons UI task.

Visually, the new task is more appealing and offers far more organization when creating, editing, and removing waive reasons and waive categories. Functionally, the task now supports translations so you can include additional languages for your employees.

Screenshot of how to configure Waive Reasons in Workday

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