Workday People Analytics – and Why We Like It

All organizations recognize the tremendous value of the data already living in their systems, though many struggle with how to organize and utilize it effectively.

Workday is a fantastic example of a system with a wealth of data potential. But how can this information be presented in a way that is actionable and meaningful – without creating just another custom report that will get lost in the stack?

Enter People Analytics.

What is Workday People Analytics?

People Analytics may seem like another buzzword, but it’s actually a game-changer that has the potential to revolutionize how companies manage their most valuable asset – their workforce.

This additional SKU goes beyond basic Core HCM reporting and provides actionable insights into various aspects of employee performance, engagement, retention, and more.

At first glance, People Analytics may look like custom dashboards you’ve seen before. Under the hood, however, it is more powerful and much, much faster.

01 what is people analytics

How it Works

People Analytics serves as a guide to answer your most important questions as easily as possible. It does this through high level organization of data, AI-powered insights, and leveraging newer report-building tools already available in your tenant.

Out of the box, People Analytics highlights data trends and insights across your most vital focus areas:

  • Hiring
  • Organizational Composition
  • Skills
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Talent & Performance
  • Retention & Attrition
02 focus areas

You’ve likely seen Workday Dashboards that touch on these focus areas before, but the magic with People Analytics comes from the Automated Storyteller Engine.

The Automated Storyteller Engine is an analytical engine that searches and makes connections between millions of combinations of data.

Choose from a list of Suggested Business Questions you’d like to track from within each focus area. From there, the Automated Storyteller Engine analyzes your people data and presents it as Focus Insights.

These insights are auto-magically generated from your organization’s data and serve to answer your Business Questions. Focus insights will inform you about key trends, risks, opportunities, and more from within your workforce.

03 key turnover trends

You can drill deeper into every Focus Insight to understand data behind it, so you can start chartering the best course to a data-driven response. This level of insight helps you know where to spend your time – and also identifies blind spots before they become problematic.

04 drill down

To help paint the full picture, People Analytics still displays the reports and Discovery Boards underneath the AI-driven Focus Insights built on your data.

05 who is leaving

How People Analytics Helps

At its simplest, People Analytics will save you time.

You no longer need to spend hours or days running reports and trying to self-identify trends or key metrics. People Analytics does that for you, so you can spend that time and energy deciding what to do with that information – instead of trying to figure out how to gather it.

If you are like our clients, you’ve likely experienced some of these pain points with standard reporting:

  • I don’t know what to focus on. Unlike building custom reports to answer ad hoc questions, People Analytics provides a valuable framework to operate within, while allowing customizability to meet your business needs.
  • I’m dependent on others to get me numbers. People Analytics is a way to invest in work on the front end, to maximize value on the back end. You don’t need to be a report writer to drill into complex datasets.
  • I feel like I’m a step behind. The Storytelling Engine can be leveraged to track your progress on key “questions” over time, and quickly synthesize your data in real time.
  • I can’t keep track of all the custom reports we’ve built. Like any good dashboard, People Analytics can be customized to capture the most useful reports in one easy to use place.

Expert Report Writers have been creating beautiful Dashboards for years – you’ve likely seen incredible examples of People Metrics, Executive Analytics, DEI Hubs, and more. These Dashboards are generally robust, dynamic, easy to use…and can also be incredibly time consuming to build AND maintain.

You can do a ton with Workday Reporting as is, but – whether you’re a director or an analyst – People Analytics makes everything easier and more efficient, ultimately saving you time and energy in the long run.

Getting Started with People Analytics

  • Assess Needs: Start by identifying your organization’s specific HR and business challenges that Workday’s People Analytics tool can address. This is an important step during the design stage of a People Analytics implementation.
  • Take inventory of your most useful custom reports and dashboards to help shape your People Analytics implementation.
  • Learn about Discovery Boards. This is a newer tool that is being leveraged across your tenant.
  • Additional reading: 4 Reasons to Use Workday Discovery Boards
  • Download our Data Integrity and Enrichment checklist! This will help uncover any existing gaps in your data that may need to be filled.
  • People Analytics is a separate SKU from Core HCM reporting. Reach out to your Workday Representative for pricing details.

Additional Information

Here are some links that will help you dive even deeper into People Analytics.

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