Workday 2024 R1 – Automatically Available Updates

There are changes coming to your tenant

Workday release cycles can be equally exciting and daunting. You might not have the time to review all the updates that come out in a new Workday release – so we’ve done the work for you!

There are two primary types of updates in a new Workday release:

  • Automatically Available Updates – while these updates are easy to implement, they can create major impact.
  • Some Automatic updates are enabled immediately across your tenant, without any action required on your end
  • Other Automatic updates may require a small action, such as clicking a check box to opt into (or out of) a new feature
  • Set-Up Required Updates – these often require more involved changes to configuration, as well as strategic change management plans

In this article, we are focusing on Automatically Available Updates.

Our experts have organized all of the Automatically Available Workday updates in one place! In the deck (which you can download below), we take an in-depth look at each new Automatically Available feature for all functional areas and explain both What it is and Why it’s important.

Download the Automatically Available Updates Deck

A link to the PDF will appear here.


Upcoming Changes for 2024 R1

Here is a high-level list of the changes coming to each functional area! Download the deck for a in-depth dive into each new feature.

Want to see a deep dive of our favorite changes in R1? Check out Our Workday 2024 R1 Highlights!

  • Remove Retro Tax Authority Change as Unsupported Event for Payroll for the U.S.
  • Prior Period Tax Adjustments
  • Deduction Recipient Updates
Time Tracking
  • Enter Time by Type Enhancements
  • Edit and Approve Time
  • Review and Submit Time Interface
  • US Federal Retirement Plan Code
HCM & Cross App
  • My Tasks
  • Effective Dating for Service Dates
  • Direct Case Assignment
  • Attachments Settings in BP Toolbar for Change Job
  • Composite Report User Experience Enhancements
  • Composite Report Expression Builder
  • Updated Discovery Boards Configuration Panel
  • Mass Update Report Tags
  • Prism Analytics Auditing
  • Prism Analytics Snapshot Comparison
  • View By Dimension for Office Connect for Financial Management
  • Generate EIB Spreadsheets
  • Reassign Business Process Steps
  • Mass Action on Integration Events
  • Adobe Sign Email Notifications
  • Retired Workday for Microsoft Project Settings Report
  • Filtered Population Log File
  • Alternate Ledger Currency (ACL) in Accounting Journal Connector
  • Payroll Interface – Enhancements for Cloud Connect
  • External Career Site Applications
  • Select Offering Redesign (for Admins and Managers)
  • Select Offering Redesign (for Learners)
  • Initial Assignments and Retrain Window
  • Get Learning Courses Web Service
  • Mass Enroll into Course Offering
  • Mass Drop Program Enrollments
Talent & Performance
  • Dynamic Talent Pool Membership
  • Save Jobs to Career Hub Plan
  • Gigs Rebrand to Flex Teams
  • Skills – Miscellaneous Enhancements
  • Talent – Miscellaneous Enhancements
  • Goals User Experience Redesign Iteration

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