Is Workday Down Right Now? Here are 4 Ways to Find Out

Is Workday down? If you’re struggling to log in to your Workday tenant, you may not be alone! It’s possible your Workday data center is experiencing outages, or perhaps it’s during the Maintenance Schedule. Here are a few ways to determine the cause and understand the issue.

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1. Determine the Health of Your Data Center

First, let’s find out which data center your tenant utilizes. This can be found in the subdomain of your tenant’s URL.

image of example URL to help determine your Workday data center number

Then, navigate to Workday Community > Status.

This should be the first place you go if you think your tenant might be down. This Workday Community page allows you to check-in on the current health status of all Workday data centers.

screenshot of workday cloud status dashboard to help determine if there is a workday outage

Workday Defines these Statuses as:

  • Available: A significant percentage of tenants, integration instances, or presentation services in this data center are responding in a timely manner
  • Maintenance: Workday services are undergoing maintenance
  • Degraded: A significant percentage of tenants, integration instances, or presentation services in this data center are not responding in a timely manner
  • Disruption: A large percentage of tenants, integration instances, or presentation services in this data center are failing to respond in a timely manner

For each Data Center, click ‘More Info’ to see:

  • Details of upcoming scheduled maintenance
  • A historical view of the past 24 hours or past 30 days.
  • Current health status for your Workday Data Center and Services.

Clicking on the link will also share a 30-day or 24-hour timeline on any disruptions or maintenance downtimes.

2. Check for New Customer Alerts

Customer alerts are likely to be created and sent by Workday if they’ve identified a major issue or defect that impacts a significant number of users.

You can search for the latest Customer Alerts on Community.

screenshot of workday community customer alerts report
sample workday outage alert to help answer question is workday down right now

According to Workday, they will send alerts for:

  • Product Defect: Functional bug that’s fixed in partnership with development
  • Operations: Tenant access, performance, and integration issues
  • Information: Change in functionality, technology, and policies

Customer Alerts include:

  • Type of Alert
  • Workday Release affected
  • Jira created
  • Status – Open/Resolved
  • Short recap of issues being experienced, and workaround, if any
  • Affected Data Centers

What if I can’t access Customer Alerts in Community?
Historically, if the webpage to Customer Alerts isn’t loading, the best thing to do is put your feet up, sip some coffee, and wait it out. A Customer Alert will likely appear soon.

3. Be aware of Maintenance Schedules

Every week, Workday tenants are down for maintenance during the following times (all Pacific Time):

  • Production tenantsFriday at 11:00 PM– Saturday at 3:00 AM PT
  • Sandbox tenants: Friday at 6:00 PM– Saturday at 6:00 AM PT
  • Implementation tenants: Friday at 6:00 PM–Saturday at 6:00 AM PT

Users won’t be able to login at these times, so check the date and time on your computer as you’re reading this. If it’s in one of the blocks mentioned above, that is probably why you can’t get in.

Click to find more in-depth information on Workday’s maintenance schedules, including extended maintenance windows (Monthly, Quarterly, and Feature Releases).

4. Cross Reference 3rd Party Websites

If Workday’s tools are offline, you can also tap into 3rd party resources and user groups to get the latest scoop. Here are some of our favorites:

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