Must-Use Reports for Workday Absence

Workday Absence administrators can take advantage of several powerful Workday-delivered reports. Workday’s Absence and Time Tracking modules are often used in tandem – so be sure to also visit our article on our go-to Reports for Workday Time Tracking!

We’ve also added some of our favorite Custom Reports to the mix – check them out and download the report definitions below!

Download our Custom Report Definitions for the Absence and Time Tracking Modules

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Custom Reports

Time Off Plan Audit

Report Type: Advanced Custom Report

What the Report Does

This report is an intuitive and consolidated view of time off plan details per employee.

It allows you to prompt for a single time off plan or multiple time off plans and displays information on employees’ accrual rates in the current period, amounts accrued YTD, and their current balances.

Information on employees’ custom organization memberships and continuous service dates can be added to the report, which helps audit accrual rates in tandem with company policy and any accrual rate exceptions that were made via custom organization membership.

Use Cases

  • Audit eligible time off plans per worker and determine if eligibility is correct or incorrect
  • Assess accrual rates in tandem with service dates and custom organization membership 
  • Check on time off accrued year to date and current time off balances
Download the Custom Report Definitions
cr time off plan audit

Time Worked + Time Off in Period

Report Type: Advanced Custom Report

What the Report Does

This is a useful report that combines both absence and time tracking data for workers into a convenient, consolidated view per week.

You can prompt by any date range you’d like. For instance – if you wanted to audit all time worked in tandem with time off taken in the month of December, you can see that information on one line per worker, summarized neatly. 

Use Cases

  • Audit time off taken in correspondence with worked hours per pay period
  • See which organizations have a healthy working time to time off ratio
  • Look into which time offs your team is taking more frequently
Download the Custom Report Definitions
cr time off time worked in period export

Workday-Delivered Reports

Time Off Results by Period

Report Type: Workday-Delivered

What the Report Does

This report is a must-have for troubleshooting or auditing time off on a per-period basis. You can view information like how much an employee accrued for PTO in a specific month, or how much sick time off they have taken year to date.

You can also prompt for specific time off plans a worker is eligible for and select periods to view (like every biweekly period this year, or every month next year).

Use Cases

  • Allows for very straightforward auditing of accruals per period, as well as time off taken.
  • Auditing any accruals and time off from prior years, in addition to time off plan behavior in future periods & years as well.
  • Checking on carryover/carryover forfeiture year over year.
wd time off results by period

Time Off Balances and Liability by Organization

Report Type: Workday-Delivered

What the Report Does

The Time Off Liability report allows you to see the dollar-cost of each employee’s remaining time off in relation to the company’s liability for it.

For instance, if John Doe has 100 hours of PTO remaining, this report is super helpful in telling us the cost of those 100 hours to the business.

If the worker is salaried, it will de-annualize their salary into a per-hour rate of pay, and calculate the overall cost of those hours. If a worker is hourly, it will simply take their hourly rate of pay multiplied by those hours.

Use Cases

  • Looking at specific employees’ time off liability to the company per each hour they have.
  • Auditing the total cost of a specific time off plan (I.E. PTO) to the company for all workers in that company.
  • Checking on the time off liability as of a certain date, such as year-end, for payroll purposes. This can then be used to encourage workers who haven’t taken much time off to do so.
wd time off balances liability

Workers on Leave

Report Type: Workday-Delivered

What the Report Does

The Workers on Leave report allows you to pull in any workers who are either currently on leave or check on workers who were previously or will be on leave as of a prompted date range.

You also can audit workers who returned from leave within that date range or choose employees who have pending leave events that have yet to be approved.

There is a convenient “Organizations” prompt that lets you audit workers on leave within specific companies, cost centers, locations, or pay groups.

Use Cases

  • When workers went out on leave & when they are expected to return to work.
  • What leave a worker is out on & the total amount of days a worker has been on leave for.
  • If the leave is paid or unpaid, and how much time they have left in their leave entitlement bucket.
wd workers on leave

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