Top 4 Workday Implementation Issues

Commit’s team has experience on every side of the Workday ecosystem – as Implementers, Post Production experts, and Workday customers ourselves. The most important thing to know is: no Implementation goes exactly as planned!

To help you avoid common Workday Implementation issues, we’ve compiled a list of lessons learned by our team.

1. Workbooks

Every project begins by filling out workbooks, well before you understand how Workday actually works.


The Implementation Partner will work alongside you to ensure you understand the terminology and implications of these extensive design decisions


You’ll be making decisions on “Business Objects” and “Segmented Security” before you understand what those terms mean – or what they do

What You Can Do
  • Ensure the right people are on the design calls and are helping fill out workbooks
  • Search terms you don’t know on WD Community
  • Never stop asking questions!
How Commit Helps
  • We speak Workday and will translate your HR needs into Workday logic
  • We can assist with filling out Workbooks – or do it for you

2. Training

 Workday’s training provides a baseline of knowledge, but doesn’t necessarily prepare you for Go-Live.


Your entire team will learn enough to manage and maintain your tenant on Day 1

  • Training often occurs months before Go-Live, reducing effectiveness
  • The training environment is in a default tenant that is set up differently from yours
  • Often, not everyone who needs to be trained can attend WD Training
What You Can Do
  • Advocate for your testing timeframe – the closer to Unit Testing, the better
  • Think about how the testing scenarios do (or don’t) apply to your configuration
  • Take great notes from WD training and save them to share with your team later
How Commit Helps
  • We offer 1:1 tutoring sessions and/or customized training courses for each module using your own tenant instead of a shared tenant
  • Take advantage of our post Go-Live Support to ask ongoing questions

3. Testing

 Testing is the by far the most important part of an Implementation.


You will know how to navigate the tenant, execute scenarios, and understand what the outcomes of those testing scenarios should be

  • It may have been months since you finished Workday training or been in a tenant
  • The Implementation team is not hands-on during testing
  • It may not be obvious if a scenario is a pass or fail
What You Can Do
  • Assign the right team member to each scenario
  • Schedule daily time for all team members for testing – it always takes longer than you prefer
  • Don’t simply go through the motions – you will never regret too much testing
How Commit Helps
  • Customize a testing strategy to maximize effectiveness
  • Take test scenarios and turn them into additional training opportunities in your tenant
  • We add step-by-step instruction to each task
  • Walk your team through each test scenario

4. Attrition

 People change jobs all the time – especially during Implementations.


Implementing Workday should not have an impact on normal attrition metrics

  • Implementations add stress on your team and impact their other responsibilities
  • In our experience, someone will leave during (or after) an Implementation and take vital knowledge with them
What You Can Do
  • Check in on people often!
  • Plan ahead for the impact an implementation will have on your teams’ daily tasks
  • Avoid situations where one team member holds all the keys to a set of knowledge
How Commit Helps
  • We lighten the load on your resources by acting as an extension of your team
  • Our experts are available to answer questions, perform tasks, and train your team

No two Workday Implementations look alike.

That’s why our range of support is designed match your unique journey.

Staff Augmentation

Commit provides a dedicated consultant that assimilates into your existing team.

This is helpful for lean teams who will be overloaded during Implementation, or those who need extra support within one (or several) Workday modules.

Client Advocacy

Full-service support where we provide a team + Project Manager to work with you and your Implementation Partner.

Includes assistance on workbooks, test scenarios, training, and advocating for your needs during Implementation.

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