6 Things to Know About Workday Peakon Employee Voice

At some point in your career, you’ve received a survey from your company.

It’s 75 questions long. Maybe you even get entered into a gift card raffle upon completion.

These are housed in a system you don’t usually use like SurveyMonkey or a Google form. The format is bland, uninspiring, and you may not feel comfortable being honest with your answers.

Where is the data going, who has access to it, and what happens if a manager wants to discuss your feedback?

Workday Peakon aims to answer these questions, increase engagement, and give end-users the confidence to provide honest feedback that can provide real impact to you and your organization.

What is Peakon?

Workday Peakon Employee Voice allows organizations to send anonymous surveys to workers to understand how they feel about the organization and identify areas for growth or improvement.

And yes, the surveys are truly anonymous!

Through these actionable surveys, Peakon measures 85 key pieces of data around employee wellbeing. You can then benchmark this data across industry based on over half a million data points (and growing), and act on it with incredible speed.

Here are 6 things we think are changing the way the world looks at productivity and engagement, enabled by the power of Peakon!

1. Talk about Key Issues, and Start a Dialogue

Peakon is Workday’s person-first experience, compared to the industry’s traditional survey-first approach.

Every question in Peakon invites your employees to anonymously start a discussion and confidently be transparent with their responses.

When a comment is left, you can start a conversation with the employee to understand key insights previously left untapped.

The employee knows who in leadership or HR they are talking to – but the employee will always remain anonymous.

Employees can respond back, then you can open up conversations and act on them.

01 chat

2. Predicting Attrition Before It Happens

Peakon allows you to predict employee sentiment based on your data and act on it before it’s too late. Peakon determines attrition on an employee, segment, and company basis and allows you to measure it against its counterparts.

Through 1 million+ data points, you can see that active employees tend to show 20% higher scores than their departed counterparts. You can also compare data points (organizations, teams, locations, levels, and so much more) to determine how strong your attrition risks are within each of these segments, and even compare them to one another!

02 attrition

3. Analyze and Understand your Data

Peakon allows you to segment your data based on the points that matter to your organization.

For customers live on Workday HCM, you have opportunities to segment this data on any field tied back to a Worker.

This means that you can organize your data beyond just a team level. You can view, compare, and report on your data based on thousands of data points in easy, actionable, and quick visibility of reporting.

03 analytics

4. Meet Employees How They Work

The ways you can engage is as diverse as your employees themselves, and making these discussions accessible is as critical as opening up these conversations. Not only can you email employees unique links to access, Peakon allows you to SMS, and send messages directly to Microsoft Teams and Slack to empower your workers to quickly action on these discussions.

We live in an ever-adapting workforce, and your workers might not all have ready access to personal laptops – and the tool allows you to create kiosks perfect for retail, manufacturing, and highly mobile employees to easily access surveys from a shared device while protecting your employees’ confidential information.

Just like Workday HCM, Peakon is built with user flexibility in mind. Peakon surveys can be sent to workers in a multitude of ways that fit your industry. This is especially helpful for dynamic environments, such as retail or manufacturing, where workers may not have access to a personal computer.

Here are some common Peakon distribution methods:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Kiosks (for retail or manufacturing)
04a survey
04b survey

5. Present to C-Suite with Perfection

Imagine it, you’ve gotten your survey results back. You’re ready to action, and executive leadership asks you to present on your findings in 30 minutes.

No need to panic, Peakon allows you to export the entire instance of data in 3 clicks. Peakon puts together an entire deck based on key topics to easily and confidently present within seconds and allow you to quickly dive in.

Is your team only concerned with a subset of your population? Not an issue at all! Segmenting these presentations is just as simple as making one for your entire organization!

6. Globally Ready, Almost Instantly

We live in a world where our global impact is equally important as our local impact. 43% of the world’s population is bilingual, and approximately 81% of the world doesn’t understand English.

Your organization needs to meet workers in ways they feel comfortable communicating with your organization. Peakon’s out of the box configuration includes translations of the delivered question library in 65 languages, and dashboards in 15 languages around the world.

From your administrative perspective, workers leaving a comment in your nonnative language isn’t an issue either. Peakon easily allows you to translate comments to various languages!

06a chat
06b chat

Still Need Convincing?

We are confident you’ll love Peakon almost as much as our team, and we want to show you first hand.

Click here to take a sample survey so you can see the experience from an employee’s perspective! Curious about things as an administrator?

We also built a quick dashboard so you can see high level how to ingest the data! Click me to see a sample report on the web.

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