Delivered and Custom Reports for Workday Benefits

Workday comes equipped with many useful reports for Benefits right out of the box. However, a deeper level of custom reporting enables Benefits managers to create tailored reports to meet specific needs and requirements.

Here are some of our go-to Standard reports, as well as some of our favorite Custom Reports (with downloadable report definitions) below!

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Custom Reports

Find Benefit Elections

Report Type: Advanced Custom Report

What the Report Does

If you need to quickly find some workers who are in a certain benefit plan, you have a few delivered reports to work with. Enrollment Count will provide a headcount for every type of plan and coverage; Benefit Census will provide a row-per-worker list of enrolled plans. Both reports can, unfortunately, take ages to run.

What if you just want to find people enrolled in a specific benefit plan and cut down on processing time?

The purpose of this custom report is to take advantage of a data source that isn’t in use on any delivered reports, All Current Benefit Elections. Just by adding the basic fields as columns on this report, you can take advantage of the built-in prompts to make reporting on plans, coverage types, or providers much quicker.

Use Cases

  • Helps identify workers that have enrolled in a certain plan or coverage – or even finding a worker’s Waive records
  • Add your own filters to fit your needs, such as:
  • Find all workers enrolled in one plan and waiving another
  • Find all workers enrolled in an insurance coverage, but who are missing the ‘calculated coverage’
  • Find everyone who is enrolled in two plans that are supposed to be mutually exclusive

In the example below, the report returned all workers enrolled in any medical plan along with details of the election. Results returned in just a few seconds.

Download the Custom Report Definitions
cr find benefit elections

All Health Care Rates

Report Type: Advanced Custom Report

What the Report Does

This report is intended to return all health care plans along with the details of all health care rates attached to the plan. Keep in mind that this report definition is intended for health care plans with “calculated” rates as opposed to “flat” rates. Because Workday recommended making the change to calculated rates years ago, this shouldn’t be a big issue.

While it’s easy enough to find this information in Workday for a specific plan, the value lies in its main use cases below.

Use Cases

  • Can be used to export info on all current health care plan rates to Excel
  • You can add in a prompt for the plan year definition to provide only relevant data
  • Without this report, you would have no choice but to click into each rate individually and export the rates as separate files
  • Useful for validating Open Enrollment Configuration
  • You can review all configuration data to confirm the rates have been entered into Workday accurately.

Note: one pitfall is that credit and surcharge data is not currently reportable. To see if and which credits and surcharges are also included on a calculated rate, you’ll still need to check individually.

Download the Custom Report Definitions
cr all health care rates

Dependents and Workers with Matching National IDs  

Report Type: Advanced Custom Report (based on original Workday-Delivered report)

What the Report Does

This is based off of a standard Workday-delivered report, but we’ve added a custom features.

This report returns any workers who have dependents with the same national ID, typically SSN. If a worker on this report is both an employee and a dependent of another employee, it’s possible that the employee is covered under his or her own benefit elections as well as a spouse’s, who is covering the employee as a dependent.

Use Cases

  • Find out if a worker has both personal coverage and dependent coverage (use in certain cases, such as their spouse or partner also works at the organization)
  • To customize this report, you can copy the standard report and add the “Benefit Elections” field to the dependent
  • Check on time off accrued year to date and current time off balances

In the screenshot below, the addition of the ‘Benefit Elections’ field at the end makes it apparent if you can ignore the returned employee/dependent because there are no elections to review.

Download the Custom Report Definitions
cr dependent matching ids report

Workday-Delivered Reports

Benefit Corrections in Progress Audit

Report Type: Workday-Delivered

What the Report Does

This Workday-delivered report will find and return any benefit enrollments where a correction has begun but has not been submitted to completion. It includes some built-in prompts, including benefit group, plan, start/end date, and worker name/ID.

Use Cases

  • serves as a reminder to benefit partners or administrators to follow up and complete benefit enrollments that have a correction in progress
  • without finishing the correction to completion, the benefit enrollment will continue to reflect the original elections
  • You can schedule this report on a recurring basis (IE monthly) to capture recent corrections that are unfinished
  • The prompt values for the start and end date would be the first day of the last month and the last day of the last month
  • By also setting the schedule not to generate an empty report, you let Workday take care of the reminders, sending you relevant information periodically if any unfinished corrections exist and not disturbing you if no action is required
wd benefit corrections in progress

Benefits Eligibility by Benefit Group

Report Type: Workday-Delivered

What the Report Does

With the required prompts of effective date and benefit group (and optional prompts of specific workers), this report will return all benefit plans that employees are eligible for as of the prompt date.

For each worker, the eligible plans will appear in columns for health care, health savings, spending account, insurance, retirement, and additional; the plans will also be split by rows based on the plan year definition of the benefit plan.

Use Cases

  • This is currently the only way you can report on benefit eligibility by date in Workday
  • You can confirm that an employee is eligible for the correct set of plans on a certain date – IE, January 1st to test open enrollment – then you can run this report with the worker specified in the prompt
  • Note: The Benefit Eligibility by Worker report only uses “Today” as the effective date
  • Useful when troubleshooting “job change” benefit events, which is a common occurrence in many tenants
  • Running this report for the worker in question as of the date of the job change and as of the day before is the only way to see if the worker gained or lost eligibility
  • This is only one step in troubleshooting these types of problems, but the value of the report is unmistakable
wd benefit eligibility group

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