Useful Custom Reports for Workday HCM

Workday comes equipped with some very useful reports already available in your tenant.

We’ve also added some of our favorite Custom Reports to the mix – check them out and download the report definitions below!

Download our Custom Report Definitions for Workday HCM

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Custom Reports

Headcount by Management Level and Ethnicity

Report Type: Custom Matrix Report

What the Report Does

This is a headcount report that gives a breakdown of the ethnicity makeup of each management level in an organization.

The report includes an effective date prompt to help track changes over time and can be modified to track gender or age group in place of ethnicity. The report is one of several DEI reports included in Commit’s DEI Dashboard solution.

Use Cases

  • Allows leadership to evaluate and help meet their organization’s diversity goals by getting clear breakdowns of the ethnicity makeup of each management level
  • Made available as a part of a larger DEI dashboard that tracks a wide range of DEI statistics for an organization 
Download the Custom Report Definitions
cr headcount by management level ethnicity
cr headcount by management level age group
This report can easily be edited to pivot the data by Age Group

Worker Profile View Audit

Report Type: Advanced Custom Report

What the Report Does

This audit report is designed to track when users have viewed another worker’s profile and what specific tabs they have viewed.

If desired, the report can be filtered or prompted to only include tabs with sensitive data such as Compensation, Personal Information, or Pay.

The report will show the user who viewed the information, whether they proxied in on behalf of another worker (for nonproduction environments), which tab/task they have viewed, when they have viewed the information, and which worker they viewed the information for.

Use Cases

  • Audit when users are looking at sensitive data for executives or HR
  • Ensure that users with wider security access are looking at data only when it is appropriate or needed
  • Ensure only the correct users have access to sensitive data
Download the Custom Report Definitions
cr worker profile view audit

Security Group Business Process Step Usage

Report Type: Advanced Custom Report

What the Report Does

This report summarizes all business process steps that a security group is assigned on the business process definition. The report prompts for a security group(s) and shows which tasks, to-dos, and approvals they are directly assigned and responsible for.

This report will only show results for when a group is assigned a step on a definition, not when the group only has the security permission on a business process security policy.

Use Cases

  • Helpful in auditing business process step responsibilities for a given security group when reviewing or optimizing business processes
  • Can assist in evaluating expected number of inbox items for a particular role or group
Download the Custom Report Definitions
cr security group business process step usage

5-Year Headcount Trend

Report Type: Custom Matrix Report

What the Report Does

This is a headcount report that gives a breakdown of the trended headcount for the last x amount of years. It can be duplicated or modified for specific time frames to return headcount over the last x amount of years, months, days in order to analyze headcount growth or depletion.

Use Cases

  • Allows leadership to evaluate company growth or attrition to help meet their organization’s staffing goals and needs depending on the trend
Download the Custom Report Definitions
cr 5 year headcount trend

Headcount and FTE by Quarter

Report Type: Custom Trending Report

What the Report Does

Trended report shows the headcount and FTE by quarter. Enables leaders to compare headcount vs FTE.

Use Cases

  • Allows leadership team to evaluate actual headcount vs FTE by quarter
Download the Custom Report Definitions
cr headcount by fte and quarter

Workday-Delivered Reports

Onboarding Status Summary

Report Type: Workday-Delivered Advanced (Report Writer)

What the Report Does

This report gives a status update on workers currently going through the onboarding process within Workday.

In addition to showing which tasks the worker has completed and still needs to complete, it also provides the contact information for that worker such as hiring manager, office location, phone number.

The report comes with a supervisory organization prompt to allow you to run for the entire organization or more granularly, as needed.

Use Cases

  • Monitoring onboarding completion for key tasks like the Form I-9, tax elections, and benefit elections
  • Provides worker contact information all in one place so that the manager or worker can be contacted to help push progress along
  • Report can be copied and customized to meet your organization’s specific onboarding tracking needs
wd onboarding status summary

Position Summary

Report Type: Workday-Delivered Matrix (Xpresso)

What the Report Does

This delivered report shows all positions and their status across the entire organization or by a subset of supervisory organizations.

The reports tracks and divides positions by the following statuses: Filled, Pending Offers, Future Hires, and Open Positions by quarter.

You can drill into each position count for additional details (E.g., on the specific positions included). The report includes a supervisory organization prompt that allows you to include one or more organizations.

Use Cases

  • Helpful for position budgeting and planning to know the exact number of positions filled, pending, or open in the future
  • Ability to see all pending offers and future hires in one place alongside your filled and open positions.
wd position summary

Average Comp-Ratio by Job Profile and Quarter

Report Type: Workday-Delivered Trended Report

What the Report Does

This is a trended report showing the average compa-ratio by job profile per quarter.

The report gives you the ability to analyze one job profile or multiple job profiles to compare how aligned certain jobs are compared to defined compensation ranges or market ranges.

Use Cases

  • Allows leadership and compensation team to evaluate company compensation practices to understand if certain jobs are aligned with compensation structure
wd avg compa ratio by job profile

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